About Us

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

The Olive Orchid Boutique - Sunnah Wellbeing Hub was established with the help of Allah the Most High and without any major planning or business plan in 2010.  Prior to this I worked as a full-time teacher and I used to make homemade sunnah remedies in my spare time to gift to my husband's ruqyah clients who were suffering with different physical and spiritual ailments.  From handmade soaps and natural creams to herbal teas and specialist oils, these were all one off products, but soon clients were asking for more of the same.  The clients were also in need of avenues of getting closer to Allah the Most High, so soon I began sourcing good Islamic books for themselves and family members of all ages, at this point I realised there was a demand for the service I was providing. 

With a growing family I left my teaching career and focused on building the service as a business, my business hat is not an easy hat for me to wear but with time being so precious I am always yearning to use my time and energy in ways that will please Allah the Most High and His path, I felt, was put in front of me to take. The small business grew, by the will of Allah, organically with many changes to fit around my 'work from home, mummy and home-schooling life'.

With help from family members I ran lots of stalls around the UK and soon we were able to secure our main little Sunnah Wellbeing Hub at the The Abu Halima Centre in Hanwell, London.  Here we offer Ruqyah Shariah, Hijama Healing and sell our Sunnah Remedies, Handmade Products, Bespoke Gifts and Islamic Books and goods.

As years went by, providing Islamic goods particularly to our young Ummah, being a mum and a teacher inspired me to develop engaging Islamic related learning products for children.  In 2016 I launched 'My Ilm Box - The Fruits of Knowledge' - here I composed a number of Islamic themed craft boxes to inspire children to learn about the beauty of Islam through creative crafting - Alhamdulillah it was a success - initially this was a monthly subscription service and now the craft boxes are available to buy individually.  It is a joy to see the children's craft outcomes shared through social media and I loved collaborating with other Islamic businesses when developing some of the resources.  It was with My Ilm Box where I used my nickname Umm Pear and my children's nicknames - Umm Cherry, Umm Strawberry, Umm Blueberry and Umm Raspberry to develop fun 'fruits of knowledge' characters found on all the learning resources in the craft boxes.

In 2019 I utilised my love for teaching young minds by running a number of 'My Ilm Box Pop-Up Islamic Craft Workshops' - here students developed the love for Quran Journaling.  I absolutely adore how the students enthusiastically engage and benefit in these sessions and look forward to running more Pop-Up Workshops and offer Islamic Craft Entertaining Services for events in London and surrounding areas Inn Sha Allah.

I pray the services the Sunnah Wellbeing Hub provide are a benefit to the Ummah and that Allah the Most Merciful rewards those who utilise it and continues to put barakah in the running of it Allahuma Aameen.

Naila AKA Umm Pear

Founder of The Olive Orchid Boutique 2010

Founder of My Ilm Box 2016