Nabeel Oudh Maghrib

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Oudh Maghrib – Bakhoor Sticks (60 grams)

Oudh Mashreq is premium quality oriental Oudh incense sticks by Nabeel (Dubai). Sweet, long lasting and aromatic Arabian incense.Top Notes : Rose, Ylang ylang, Violet. Middle Notes : Jasmine, Lily. Base Notes : Tremoss, White Musk, Orange Flower Olfactive Femilies : Floral - Ylang Ylang - Rose. Uses of Bakhoor: - To Perfume the house. - On special occasions like wedding - For welcoming gusts and a gesture of hospitality - Used in commercial shops and stores (especially that's related to clothes) to attract customers and to enhance their buying experience. strong>Method of burning Bakhoor: Take a piece of Arab Coal and heat a corner of it with a small flame in incense burner or suitable metal dish. Wait for 2 minutes, then sprinkle small amount of Bakhoor Incense onto hot coal. Sit back as beautiful fragrance fills the room.