Sidr Oil 30ml

Sidr Oil 30ml

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Sidr Oil Blend With Olive Oil 100% Natural Sidr Leaves / Jujube Oil 30ml


Hemani Sidr Oil Blended with Olive Oil

Hemani Sidr Oil is 100% Natural

The oil is extracted from the leaves of the Sidr Tree (Jujube Tree). These leaves are rich with nutrients including essential proteins and many minerals that are very useful for Medicine and Beauty purposes.

Sidr Oil Benefits:

Used as a cleanser and deodorant for the skin, used for hair hygiene, for relieve itching scalp and skin, combat dandruff, hair loss or as a growth treatment, as a treatment for swollen eyes, abscesses, an astringent and herbal medicine. Simply apply to affected areas.

Ingredients: Sidr Oil, Olive Oil

Size: 30ml