Sunnah Wellbeing Box

  • £14.50

Smile it's Sunnah and this Sunnah Wellbeing Box by The Olive Orchid Boutique is sure to bring a big smile on a loved ones face inn sha Allah. With wellbeing ingredients and sayings mentioned in Quran and Sunnah it is sure to add some wholesome goodness and greatness to the mind, body and soul. 

A great gift to uplift anyones day or to enjoy during Ramadan suhoor and iftar times.  A special gift for those of you missing loved ones due to Covid restrictions and a great 'pick me up' for those with low immunity and self isolating.


- Talbina 50g - a Sunnah comfort

- Luxury Dates (5 Medjool or 7 Ajwa) - nutritional goodness

- 'Wellness Fields' Organic Herbal Tea with lemon grass, chamomile, lavender, blackseed and mallow flower.

OPTION 1:loose leaf tea with a heart shaped tea infuser

OPTION 2:5 unbleached tea-bags with a heart shaped spoon

Relax, unwind and enjoy.

- Blackseed 20g - a cure for everything apart from death.

-Raw Honey sachets to sweeten talbina and herbal tea - full of great health benefits.

-Wellbeing Quran Quotes postcard

-Product information card with references to Quran and Sunnah

10% proceeds from each box will go towards beneficial community projects run by Northwest Sisters (Instagram:@nw.sisters) inn sha Allah.