Super Shifa Seeds

Super Shifa Seeds

  • £6.50

This is a great product to those who are looking to change their eating habits but don't know where to start ...introduce these seeds to your diet and you certainly will feel the benefits inn sha Allah. Packaged sweetly making the set a great gift for encouragment. "O you who believe! Eat of the good things that We have provided you with" [2:167-172]

A set of 5 seeds super beneficial for health and well being. Eat and enjoy on their own, or sprinkle on cereals, smoothies, salads and gravies.  Ideal for those wanting to boost energy levels, reduce fatigue and improve general health and well being.

Blackseed 50g

Pumpkin Seed 50g

Chia Seeds 50g

Hemp Seeds 50g

Golden Linseed 50g